What Does 'Hesitate' Mean?


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If you're talking about cars it means when you apply the gas pedal however much amount little or full throttle the reaction time for the engine to accelerate is delayed for some reason instead of instantly going forward as usual.
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Examples ?
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To hesitate is the act of hesitating or performing the act of hesitation. Hesitation refers to the action of pausing or stalling owing to indecisiveness or uncertainty. One can hesitate while speaking or even while performing any action.

A popular saying regarding hesitation goes like, "he who hesitates is lost". This basically means that one should not indulge in hesitation, as one who does is liable to miss out on an important or beneficial opportunity.

Hesitating is basically to be slow or to falter in terms of action of speech. It means a wavering of thoughts, a development of uncertainty in one's mind. One hesitates even when one is reluctant to express something. Hesitation denotes indecision before saying or doing something.

An example of hesitation in literature is the soliloquies of Prince Hamlet in the play of the same name by William Shakespeare.

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