What Does Minion Mean?


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Minion is the word that has been recorded in English since 1501, where it means "a favourite; a darling; a low dependant; one who pleases rather than benefits". Some sources claim the word to be adopted from the Middle French mignon, where it literally means "a favourite, darling". Some sources claim it to be an adjective from old French word mignot, where it means "dainty, pleasing, favourite".

On the other hand, in modern English the word minion refers to an individual of an inferior order, particularly in relative to work. Fr example, the "office minion" refers to a secondary office worker. Minion has been practical in a disparaging sense certain individuals of a royal court. It has been frequently applied to the favourites of the English kings Edward II of England and James I of England, and of Henry III of France.

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