What Does Oratory Mean?


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Someone who gives speeches
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The word oratory is defined as the art of eloquent speech. In the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations, oratory was studied as a component of rhetoric. The word rhetoric is defined as the art of composing and delivering speeches in public. Oratory was once considered to be one of the most important social skills, and it was an important part of both the public and the private lives of the people of ancient Greece and Rome.

Philosophers such as Aristotle and Quintilian discussed oratory. The subject of oratory was defined by a set of definitive rules and models. It was emphasised as a portion of a total education during the period of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. However in this context, oratory was generally restricted to the church.

Oratory is generally defined as the art of addressing an audience formally. It is usually in the form of a long address or speech, which is often pompous and loaded with rhetoric. An oratory is also defined as a small private in-house chapel. It is a small cell which is attached to a larger chapel.

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