What Does The Suffix Tion Mean?


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Usually it is a noun form of a verb, derived from the Latin suffux "-tio", meaning "the act of."
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The suffix –tion is added to a noun in order to make it a noun which has been altered from a particular process; as in the term education.

A related suffix is the suffix –ation which is appended to make the word an action or process; as in the term levitation. It could be added to mean the result or consequence of a particular action or process; as in the term acculturation. It may be added to refer to a specific condition, state or quality of; as in the term starvation.

The suffix –ion also basically is added to mean the same as the suffix –ation. That is an action or process; the result of a process or action; or a state or condition.
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Use suffix er in sentence

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