What Does Suffix Mean?


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A suffix is a series of letters placed on the end of a word to alter, slightly, its meaning. In contract, a prefix is a series of letters placed before the word with the same intention

Examples of suffixes include:
-able - indicates the preceding action is possible, such as in touchable - possible to touch - and unthinkable - I'mpossible to think.

-esque and -ish - both of which indicate resemblance to the preceding manner, such as in statuesque - resembling a statue - or fiveish - approximately five.
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A suffix is an affix which may be appended to the end of either a word or stem, which serves to create a new word or simply serve the function of being an inflectional ending. Examples of suffixes include the –ish in greenish, the –ous in zealous, and the –able in comfortable.

If used as a transitive verb it would mean 'to add as a suffix'. The adjective form of the word suffix is suffixal. The noun forms of the word are suffixation and suffixion; while the adverb form of the same is the term suffixally.

The word suffix has its roots in the New Latin term suffxum; coming from Latin, neuter of the term suffxus, which is a past participle of the term suffgere, meaning to fasten underneath, affix
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A thing at the end of a specified word that changes the meaning depending on what the suffix is

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