What Does The Suffix Oma Mean?


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Suffix is a linguistic term and refers to a group of letters that are added at the end of a word to form a new word or give it a new meaning. Thus it is an affix that is attached to the root or end part of a word. It is a morpheme placed at the base of a word to change the present connotation and give it a new one.    Oma is a suffix that is generally found in words or terms describing various types of tumours. Omas or omata are the plural forms of oma as a suffix. It is used for various purposes like to describe the type of tumour as in fibroma, carcinoma etc or to explain which part of the body has been affected by the tumour i.e. Cancer of the lymph tissue. This suffix is derived from New Latin and Greek languages. It is generally used in medical terms.

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