What Does Lucien Mean?


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  • It is useful. Lucien means "light" . So my name is Lucien. I live in Bulgaria. Born in 1982 . :) .
    When is name day?
  • I read in internet  and found 3 dates"
  • 16.09.  -  "Ludimila cheska" known in church.  czech origin.
  • 17.09. - "believe, hope and love"  celebrate in church. 
  • 15.10 -  -Лукиан – лат.“светъл“ -  празнува на 15.10  /lukian/. Greek origin
  • So the name is from France.
    Bye bye.
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Lucien is a boy's name. The commonly used variants of the name are "Luke," "Lawson" and "Lucian." The name is actually derived from the name "Lucian," the French form of "Lucianus." The term "Lucian" or "Lucien" is of Latin origin, meaning "light."

One of the famous names concerning the variant of the name "Lucien" is the famous opera legend Luciano Pavarotti. Lucien Caillet was a famous Hollywood composer who worked for Paramount pictures in the 40s and 50s. Jon Lucien a singer famous for his deep baritone, was on a high during the '70s for his jazz numbers. Lucien is also the character of a librarian in the American comic Dream of the Endless.

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