What Does The Abbreviation "Na" Means?


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Na is the abbreviated form of sodium or the chemical symbol of sodium. It is an alkali metal and is used to form several salts with halogens and metals. Sodium is non-toxic and abundantly available in nature. It is soft and silvery with a waxy surface. Salt water and other such natural compounds generally have abundant quantities of sodium or Na. Natrium is the Latin form of sodium and its chemical symbol is derived from it.    Sodium or natrium has a yellow flame while it burns and is highly reactive in water. It has only one stable isotope i.e. 23Na. It is denoted by the atomic number 11. Sir Humphrey Davy in 1807 became the first person to isolate sodium which he achieved by passing an electric current through molten sodium hydroxide. The most common source of sodium in day to day life is edible salt.
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Na is the symbol of sodium. Sodium is a chemical element. Na in Latin means Natrium. It has the atomic number 11 and the atomic mass22.9898 g/mol. The oxidation number of sodium is +1. it is a silvery, soft, highly reactive element. It is a member of the alkali metals and falls within the 1st group that is known formally as the group IA. It is one of the stable isotopes.

Sodium was isolated first by Sir Humphry Davy in the year 1807. It was isolated by passing electric current though the molten form of sodium hydroxide. It is usually stored inert like kerosene. It is present in large quantities in the form of sodium chloride. It is a very important element for life.

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