What Does Maxim Mean?


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As per its dictionary meaning, Maxim refers to a concise formulation of fundamental principles, rules of conduct or general truths. The word was taken from the Middle English word "maxime" which was in turn taken from the Old French. The word comes from the Latin word "maxima" meaning "greatest" with reference to a premise.

As a name Maxim is a boy's name which is a derivative of Maximilian which meant greatest. A maxim is a sort of notable saying a kind of principle and can be defined as an adage, aphorism, epigram, cliché, motto, quip, proverb etc. A legal maxim is in reference to the law and refers to an established principle. Maxim is also the name of a popular men's magazine featuring semi nude erotic glamour photography. The deadliest maxim however was the first machine gun that was self powered and invented in 1881 by Sir Hiram Maxim.

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