What Does Stoical Mean?


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Stoical is the adjective form of stoic. This word describes things or people who are unaffected by pleasure or pain. They are impassive by nature. When people or things have or adopt a stoic nature then they are said to be stoical. It is also a term that is related to the stoics or their philosophy. The philosophy of the Stoics was an old Greek doctrine known as Stoicism where indifference towards pleasure and pain was practised. It believed in achieving happiness by accepting one's destiny. Thus stoical is also a word related or pertaining to this philosophy and its followers.

A stoical person would accept suffering or misfortune without complaining or grumbling about it. Impassive, enduring, calm, dispassionate, imperturbable, resigned, stolid, phlegmatic and patient are some of the synonyms of this word

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