What Does Stationery Mean?


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Stationery is paper stock that is usually printed with one's name and contact information. The stationery is used to send letters and notes and can be printed on anything. If you go to StickerMarket, they have a huge selection of high-quality stationery such as stickers printing.

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The word 'stationery' is used as a noun and when you are using the word you are talking about the materials that are used for the purpose of writing. Though there is no specific criterion for the use of the word, this use of the word usually happens for the writing materials in offices. Sometimes the word can also be used only for the paper to write letters on. The following sentence can make you understand the word well as it is used in context in the sentence: Owing to the lack of stationery all the work in the office get hampered. The above mentioned sentence says that there is a lack of paper in an office so certainly the work gets hampered in that office.
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I have the same question too.

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