What Does Sol Mean?


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Sol means 'the sun'. It is primarily the personification or name of the sun- however it may also refer to a sunbeam, sunlight or east (that is the direction in which the Sun rises in the morning). In Latin the word sol is fairly common, but in English the word solar is the more extensively used word. Related words include solar, solstice and so on.
Sol is frequently used in science fiction as the formal or official name of the star. Accordingly in this kind of literature the 'Sol System' is in fact the solar system.

In astronomy sol is used by astronomers, in particular planetary astronomers to denote the full duration of a solar day on planets apart from Earth.

In Roman mythology, Sol invictus is the god of the sun. His counterpart in Greek mythology is Helios. In Norse mythology however Sol is the name of a goddess.
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Sol can be the sun yes, but if you are talking about the abbreviation the S.O.L means s--t outa luck

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