What Does Staring Mean?


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The word 'staring' is another form of the word stare that is used to convey the idea of looking at somebody for a long period than usual. The sentence that can illustrate the meaning of the term is given below: When I screamed everyone over there stared. The above mentioned sentence says that the person who is conveying the experience was screaming for some reason and it is obvious for everybody to look at the person when something unusual happens.

There are a lot of idioms and phrasal verbs that can be formed with the use of this word. The idiom 'be staring somebody in the face' is used to convey the idea of something that is obvious or can be easily noticed. When somebody is using the phrasal verb 'stare somebody out' the person looked at someone's eyes for such a long period until the other person felt embarrassed and start looking somewhere else.

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