What Does Occluded Mean?


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Occlusion means something that is totally closed at present but in its normal state remains open.

The term is found used in Medicine, where it refers to blocked arteries and veins. Normally the blood flows freely through these blood vessels but some obstruction or blockage has totally blocked this flow. In dentistry, occlusion refers to the position of the teeth on the mouth being closed. It is the position in which the lower and upper arches come to rest.

In computer graphics, occlusion refers to the way in which an object that is closer hides or masks a further away object from a viewpoint. In meteorology an occluded front is where a warm front is overtaken by a cold front leading to widespread rainfall just ahead of the same.
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Occluded is the past participle of the verb "to occlude." It means "obstructed" or "blocked." For example, an occluded artery means an artery which is blocked, with a lack of blood flow. An occluded blood vessel, artery or vein is totally devoid of blood flow.

The synonyms of the word occluded are obstructed, impeded, closed-up, jammed, blocked etc.

Occluded in dentistry means a process in which the upper and lower sets of teeth are aligned properly for chewing. In chemistry, "occluded" means retention of gases and other substances in a matter. In meteorology, occluded air refers to the air which moves up from the earth's surface when the cold front overtakes and undercuts a warm front. In psychology, an occluded phenomenon is commonly referred to as the "tip of the tongue" experience.

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