What Does Outcast Mean?


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Adaeze Egwuagu answered
Outcast kind of means someone who does not belong to the right place, a person who does not move along or socializes among the an outcast. Also if someone has done something wrong, Society can turn them into an 'outcast'.
Also ''Outkast" is a group of 2 singers (Andre 3000 and Big Boi) who are in the music industry...
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Shezan Shaikh answered
The term outcast refers to a person who is socially barred from the benefits of all or certain cultures. It is usually done to an individual who other people perceive of being outside the social norms of that particular culture. (This term is used in sociology)    Outcast can also refer to an action adventure game that has been designed by the Belgian developer in the year 1999. The game was published by Infogrames. The game was released on the 31st of July in the year 1999. The game revolves around a space probe sent to an alien world; this event takes place in the year 2007. The mission involves the lead protagonist 'Cutter Slade' an ex U.S. Navy Seal. His mission is to escort three scientists in the parallel world to shut down the probe which has been damaged, and also saving the earth from being sucked in to a black hole.

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