What Does Conjugal Mean?


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Conjugal is an adjective which means of or concerning marriage. It means relating to the relationship of spouses. It has come to mean belonging to marriage; or something suitable or appropriate concerning the marriage state or concerning the married persons. It means matrimonial or connubial. A familiar related phrase is "conjugal visits".

The synonym for the word conjugal is connubial. Conjugality is the noun form of the word conjugal, while the adverb form is conjugally. Another related phrase is "conjugal rights" which is the right of sexual relations between husband and wife.

It comes from the Latin term conjugalis; which comes from the word conjug-, conjux, which is husband, wife, consort; which has its roots in conjungere, meaning to join or to unite in marriage.
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Relating to a couple or a marriage of husband and wife or relating to girl friend and boyfriend.

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