What Does Conjugate Mean?


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You can conjugate a verb by changing it so it 'agrees' with the noun, or case.

e.g You eat but she ate - we are but he is

You'll notice conjugation much more in other languages. Many English words are exactly the same when you conjugate them
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Now I found this out in the dictionary so it is true ok

conjugate means when you give all the different forms of a verb
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That is to choose the correct form of a verb (tense)  that after comes after the chosen personal pronoun
F.a I work, We played, They sing.
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The term conjugate has a number of meanings and implications. A common meaning is 'joined together particularly in a pair or pairs'. It usually refers to the addition of inflections that show person, gender, number, tense, aspect and so on, as in "conjugating a verb". It could mean 'of a pinnate leaflet' or possessing just one pair of leaflets. To conjugate could also be described as 'to undergo conjugation'.

Conjugate having the same derivation and therefore usually some likeness in meaning. In Mathematics & Physics it refers to any such of a set of numbers which are able to satisfy the very same irreducible polynomial.

It could mean to unite chemically such that the product can be easily broken down to result in the original compounds. Conjugate could also refer to something that has resulted from the amalgamation of two compounds. Conjugate may be of an organic compound; something that contains two or more than two double bonds that are all separated from each other by one single bond. A conjugate solution is when a mixture containing two partially miscible liquids creates two conjugate solutions.

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