What Does 'Dogged You' Mean?


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Dogged you is a term commonly used in American slang. If someone 'dogged you' it usually means that someone broke an appointment with you. It is commonly associated with another slang phrase 'stood me up'. It is a part of 'college lingo' and has several different connotations depending on the circumstances. For instance 'he dogged you' means he did not show up for a date with you. Alternatively if 'your boss dogged you' then it means that your boss criticised you sharply.

Dogged can be defined as unyielding or stubborn. An example is 'She worked with dogged determination'. Alternatively it could mean caused problems especially over a long period of time.

Like dogged several other slang terms also originate from the word dog. A dog could mean a close male pal on the other hand if 'your dogs are aching' it means your feet are paining.

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