Why Do We Use The Word "Badger" To Mean Harass?


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Badger is the name of species of animals belonging to the weasel family, apart from the likes of the otters, minks and the skunks. Badgers are usually known to be large, nocturnal, burrowing animals with large sharp claws, long snouts and grizzly fur.

The endurance and the tenacity of the animal provoked human beings to overwhelm them, In Britain, until the late 19th century, "badger baiting" was known to be a popular sport. The sport involved letting loose the badger into a barrel which was opened at one end and then unleashing dogs to attack the poor animal. This led to the origin of the word "to badger" meaning "to harass." In North America, badgers were believed to be troublesome animals and were mercilessly shot and poisoned. It is in recent times that mankind has upheld the badger as a beneficial animal not only to human beings but also as a keystone species in grassland ecosystems.

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