What Does Laconic Mean?


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The word "Laconic" means using a few words or that which is expressed in a few words. Synonyms of the word include curt, terse and crisp. It can be defined as consisting of or marked by the usage of a very few carefully chosen words. The word is taken from the Latin word "Laconicus" meaning Spartan and was taken from the Greek word "Lakonikos" meaning Spartan as well.

The word is believed to have been derived from the area of Greece known as Lacedaemom. An inhabitant of the region was known as a Laconian. This region of Greece had its capital at Sparta. The disciplined and warlike tribe of the Spartans was known also for their curtness or brevity of speech. Thus based on this quality or trait of the inhabitants of Lacedaemon the word Laconic derived its present meaning.

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