What Does Scrim Mean?


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The word scrim is defined as a type of fabric which is finely woven. It can either be translucent or opaque. It uses lighting from different angles. Little pieces of a scrim material are frequently used in front of lanterns. This is because they help to soften the light beam.

Scrim is a fabric which is known for its durability. It is usually a cotton cloth. It is not only used in the process of making clothing and curtains, but is also used as a building material and in some other industries as well. It is a sheer fabric, which is sometimes used by painters. Paintings are painted onto this type of cloth, which then acts as a transparent backdrop in the theatre. It is also used as a visual merchandising prop in stores. This reinforcing fabric is also known for its low cost. It is made out of a yarn made of continuous filament which is constructed in the form of an open mesh.

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