What Does Seam Mean When Sewing Something?


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Seam in sewing refers to a joint in a line. It is a reference to a line of stitches which serve the purpose of holding together two or more pieces of fabric. A seam is sewed with the help of threads that are interwoven with different pieces of cloth. A seam is thus found at the edges of the clothes sewn together. It is the basics of sewing. Every fabric has a seam.

There are different type of seams for different types of fabric and the style in which it is being used. Seams also serve the purpose of styling and decorating the material. Some of the popular seams are Flat seam which is a simple seam for joining fabric by a single row of stitches, French seam is a self neatening seams and its peculiarity is that there are stitches only on the left side and none on the right side and Gathering which is a seam for adding frills.

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