What Does Compound Sentence Mean?


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Before we understand the meaning of compound sentence, we should know the meaning of the clause. A clause is a part of sentence which has a subject and predicate. The clause is of two types: independent or main clause and dependent or subordinate clause. Independent clauses can stand as meaningful complete sentence because there is a subject and a verb. However a dependent clause cannot stand alone as a complete sentence even though there is a subject and a verb present. A compound sentence is a sentence which consists of two or more main or independent clauses.

The independent clauses are joined together by coordinating conjunctions: like and, but, or, for, yet etc. These clauses can also be joined by a semicolon. Thus, one can understand that the usage of a coordinating conjunction or a semi-colon is vital for the formation of a compound sentence.
Here are some examples of compound sentences:

1. Jack went to the party but Jill stayed back. ("but" is a coordinating conjunction)
2. William Wallace was a brave man and so was Alexander. ("and" is a coordinating conjunction)

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