What Does Setting Mean?


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The word "setting" is a noun that refers to several things. It means the direction, position or some particular form in which something is placed or positioned. It is also used to refer to the general background in which some situation or occurrence takes place. In this way it is used to refer to the circumstances, time, place and general environment in which some ilm, drama or narrative is set or takes place. It refers to the mounting or structure into which a jewel is set.

In terms of music a setting is some written composition that is arranged to accommodate some text. Synonyms of the word "setting" include scene, scope, background, mount, place setting; mise en scene etc. in a literary sense the setting plays an important role in relation to the story. For instance the setting may be an age, a fantasy or science fiction environment and in certain cases to a particular age within some sci-fiction universe like the Star Wars series.
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Set +ting

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