What Does Irrespective Mean?


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Irrespective means without any consideration for something or without being in any way influenced by it. Irrespective means characterised by heedlessness or disregard. Synonyms of irrespective include no matter, regardless, disregarding and disregard less.

Irrespective basically means without any regard. It means not paying attention to obstacles, circumstances etc and progressing none the less. Example of how the word is used in sentences are, "Samuel sat for his exam irrespective of the fact that he had flu and had failed to prepare sufficiently" and "Irrespective of the snow, frost and extreme cold the expedition to Everest carried on". Irrespective in some ways suggests a complete disregard for the odds against something succeeding.

The word irrespective is "niet in aanmerking nemenad" or "ongeacht" in Dutch, "ungeachtet" in German, "noncurante" in Italian and "sans distinction de" in French.

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