What Does Rufus Mean?


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The word "Rufus" is a boy's name that is of Latin origin. The name is pronounced as "ROO-fuss" and it means something like "red-haired". The name was very common during the nineteenth century. The name has two variations as well namely "Ruffus" and "Rufous". It is also found mentioned in the Bible as the name of two early Christians from the first century. Several famous people also share this name, namely Rufus Sewell an actor from Britain, Rufus Wainwright a Canadian cum American singer and songwriter, and then there is Rufus Thomas who is a singer from the United States, King William the Second from England who was nicknamed "Rufus" probably due to his reddish face, and several others.

Rufus is also the name of a place in the United States state of Oregon. There are also several fictional characters called Rufus including Rufus from "The Rescuers" an animated feature from Disney, Rufus Scrimgeour from the popular Harry Potter series of books.

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