What Does Refresh Mean?


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The term refresh as a transitive verb means reviving with or as if with food, rest, or drink. In this sense of the term it means giving new spirit or vigour to. It could be used as a synonym for the term restore. It means giving new freshness or brightness to. It could mean to freshen up. That is, to make clean, cool, or moist. It may be used to mean renewing by means of by stimulation. It could be used as another word for replenish. It may thus mean filling up again.

It takes on different meanings in the field of Computer Science. In this sense it may mean renewing (the image that is shown on a display screen) by a renewal of the flow of electrons that come from the cathode-ray tube. In computing terms it could also mean maintaining (data present in a dynamic RAM) by means of sending a new electric pulse in order to recharge the chips.

As an intransitive verb it means taking refreshment. It could also mean becoming fresh again; that is, to revive.

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