What Does Scarred Mean?


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The word scarred means someone who is deeply affected or characterised by injuries or great pain. This pain could be either mental or physical, or even both in certain cases. It has the same meaning as the word marred, which is defined as blemished or carrying blemishes or scars. These blemishes or scars can either be caused by injury or by rough wear.

It is the past tense of the word to scar. The phrases which are related to the word scarred are battle-scarred and Scarred Lands. When a person is battle-scarred, it means he is a soldier who has fought a war or a battle and has been scarred by or during the course of the war or the battle.

Scarred Lands is the setting for the campaign launched by Sword and Sorcery Studios. It is dark and sometimes appears to be unbalanced, but it includes certain information that people use from time to time.

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