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A schematic basically is a diagram, illustration or outline which symbolize the elements of a system applying abstract, graphic symbols in place of practical pictures.

A schematic generally skip all details which is not appropriate to the details the schematic is proposed to convey and may put in unrealistic components which support comprehension. Generally in a circuit diagram, the particular layout of the circuit elements may not look like the layout in the physical circuit. Normally in electronic design automation, till the 1980s schematics were nearly the only recognized depiction for circuits.

Off late with the development of computer technology, other depiction were launched and particular computer languages were developed, because of the explosive development of the complexity of electronic circuits, conventional schematic are becoming less practical.
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The word 'schematic' refers to something that is pertaining to or in the shape of a scheme or a diagram. Basically it is a kind of a structural diagram, usually of an electrical or even mechanical system. In simple words, it is the drawing which features the components of a system, like the components of an electronic circuit or the components of a logic graph for a communication system.

Up till the 1980s, schematics were the solitary methods of formally representing and exhibiting circuits. They were made by designers who made use of EDA technology that is Electronic Design Automation. Such technology surpasses the simplistic sketching of devices.

Schematic diagrams are used broadly in repair manuals to assist users to comprehend the relative location of parts and to offer graphical directions to help in disassembling and assembling mechanical parts.
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The word schematic is defined as a diagram or a plan. An example of a schematic plan or a schematic diagram is the flow chart in a textbook of science. It is the adjective form the word schema. It is also defined as a technical diagram which explains how an electrical circuit functions.

It is defined as a soil map. A schematic soil map is compiled from the scant knowledge of the types of soils, especially those which are found in the new and developed regions of a country. A schematic soil map is drawn to scale by the application of the information which is available to the person who is drawing the map.

This information is about the factors that influence the formation of the soils of an area. The schematic soil map is usually drawn to a small scale, which is either a scale of 1: 1, 000, 000 or smaller than that.

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