What Does Didactic Mean?


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Didactic means to intend to instruct, to be morally instructive, or to be excessively inclined to moralize or teach.

The word is derived from the Greek word "didaktikos" meaning to be "skilful in teaching" and comes from another Greek word "didaskein" which means "to teach or educate".

Synonyms of the word can include teaching morality, moral, didactical, preachy, moralizing etc.
As part of medicine it refers to teaching of medicine with the help of books and lectures and is different from the more practical clinical demonstrations.

An example of how didactic is used in sentences is "the padre was didactic to the point of being a zealot, he would call on every house in the village on Saturday evening to ensure a full house for Sunday Mass."

Didacticism is a term that refers to an artistic philosophy in literature that emphasises that its sole purpose should not be to entertain but should convey some sort of instructions as well.
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the tapes were entertaining and didactic; they both amused and instructed children.

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