What Does Schism Mean?


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The word schism is defined as the division of a group into opposing factions. It also means the formal separation of a church into two separate churches or factions or the withdrawal of one of the two groups of the church over doctrinal differences.

The word schism is derived from the Greek word schisma, which is literally translated into English as to split. It means a division or a split, usually in an organisation. A person who creates or incites a schism in an organisation is known as a schismatic. A schismatic is also one of the members of a splinter group.

The word schismatic is also an adjective. It means someone or something that is either related to a schism or schisms or to those ideas, policies, etc. which are thought to lead towards or promote schism. In Christianity, it is defined as a division in the Christian community based on disagreement on theological points.

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