What Does Scenario Mean?


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The word scenario means the outline of a dramatic scene or events.
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The word scenario is a defined as the outline of a chain or sequence of events which is hypothesised. A use case scenario is a special kind of scenario which breaks down the requirements of a system into separate functions for the benefit of the end users. Each use case scenario is defined as a separate sequence of events performed by a user.

A scenario is defined as a description of several possible descriptions of a situation. All scenarios usually have anything between three and five possible descriptions. Hypothetical situations are interspersed with expected extrapolations of trends. The purpose of having a scenario is to list a combination of events that describe how a situation might occur in the future. Scenarios are more useful to understand the options available to a person and to deal with the uncertainties in events than to predict the occurrence (or the non-occurrence) of a specific event.
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It is a chain of events and a special kind of scenario like a girl went to the mall got her nails done and to the dance

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