What Does Jasper Mean?


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The word 'jasper' is considered to be of Sumerian origin. Then, it was adapted by the Akkadian as ašpû and then modified as youšpu. Youšpu meant chalcedony. It was then modified by the Hebrew as yāšəpe na dby thye Arabic as youšb. The Persian changed it to
youšm or youšb and Greeks changed it to iaspis. Later, the Latin altered it iaspis or iaspid. It was then changed by the Anglo-Norman and then by the Middle English as jasper. The word 'jasper' means spotted stone.

Jasper is a variety of quartz that is compact, opaque and crystalline. It is usually coloured and considered impure variety.  This stone is found in red, yellow or brown colours. The word 'jasper' also had a slang use in olden times and meant fellow or guy.

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