Where Do The Names Ambrose And Emrys Come From?


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Emrys (pronounced EM-ris) is the Welsh form of Ambrose. It goes back at least to the Middle Ages, and was much in use as a boy's name in Wales in the early 20th century. The "ys" ending is common in Welsh names.

Ambrose is also an adapted name. It comes from the Latin Ambrosius, itself from the Greek Ambrosios, or "immortal." (Ambrosia was the food of the gods in classical mythology.) Some traditions associate the name Ambrosius with the legend of King Arthur; there was a Romanised British leader of that name in the 5th or 6th century, who may be the basis for some of the Arthurian stories. Otherwise, the name Ambrose has never been much used in Britain (though there was an author called Ambrose Bierce.) It has always been much more popular in Ireland; in fact the surname McCambridge is supposedly derived from the Irish or Scottish variant of Ambrose, Mac Ambrois.

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