Where Does The Name Ashley Come From?


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Ashley is an English surname and was originally derived from a place meaning "ash tree clearing"
Until the 1960s it was more commonly given to boys in the United States, but it is now used on girls.
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Starting out as an Old English surname, after Ash Lea which indeed is a clearing in an Ash Tree forest. Numerous towns in central and southern England were named after their location, and some of those were in Ash Tree Clearings.
Old English surnames were often derived from places (London), trades (Archer, Miller), personal features (Brown), etc. Some towns in Ash Lea's were named as such with a different spelling, Ashley.
Following on, people living there adopted that town/Villiage name as their own surname, and eventually it converted for use as a boys first name, and still is in England today.
In more recent history, the name was used also as a girl's name, where the spelling was altered to Ashleigh (Leigh being the female form of the boys name Lee).
Very recently, the spelling difference has been dropped for Ashley, as parents have mistakenly used the incorrect spelling for a girl's name. This is more apparent in the US, where traditional English spelling is regularly dropped for a more phonetical sound (Tire instead of Tyre, Armor instead of Armour, Color instead of Colour etc), and they seem to have adopted the spelling Ashley for use as a girl's name.
I hope this is of use or interest for you. My knowledge of this subject is based on my own name, Ashley, and my in depth studies into it's origins.
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The origin of the name Ashley is English. That means the English people used this name fist. In the beginning the name was used for male children but later on it gain popularity as a girl name.
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Ashley:Lives in the ash tree grove it is a Male name is an English anme
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