Where Do The Names Eamon And Edmund Come From?


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These two names have the same meaning. The older is Edmund (pronounced ED-mund.) It is an Old English name derived from ead, "prosperity" or "wealth" and mund "protector." There have been some famous Edmunds including a 9th century East Anglian king, supposedly martyred for his Christian beliefs. Recently the name has acquired rather comic overtones, because it is the name of the humorous villain Blackadder, in the TV series of that name (the idea may have come from an earlier villain, "Edmund the Bastard" in Shakespeare's King Lear.) The name is not much in use at present.

Eamon or Eamonn (pronounced AY-mon) is a Gaelic version of the same name. It has long been a popular name in Ireland; for instance, there was an Irish President Eamon de Valera throughout the 1960s. Now people may associate it more with TV presenter Eamon Holmes; or older viewers with Eamon Andrews, presenter of the show "This is Your Life."

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