What Does The Name "Fallon" Mean?


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Are you sure this is really a name? It appears on the Internet that the only webpage that contains this particular ‘name’ is a story written by a fan of the video game. The word does not appear as a name, too. The word actually appears as ‘Fallon’, surrounded by coding and letters that are in place of grammatical signs. Hence, ‚ÄúFallon‚Äú does not appear to be a name at all. However, if you know for sure that this really is a name then you can perhaps try and find other people online on websites that are especially devoted things like names and foreign cultures, to help you with your search.

Do you know where the name supposedly comes from? Do you know what country it is associated with most? This is the information that is required before the name can be properly searched for. You will need to provide as much as information as you can about this name before anybody on Blurt It is able to help you with your question. You could be lucky enough to find somebody with that name come across this question, but it’s unlikely.

So what else can you do? Well, if it’s a name that is considered local to you then you could perhaps try and look at your local archives. These archives may include names of people associated with the name; it may include the name you are looking for. You may even find articles that talk about the history of the name. However, as mentioned, it’s rather unlikely that you will. It appears that this really isn’t a name, at least, in the English language. Perhaps this is another languages writing that has been converted to English, and hence has no English equivalent? Keep these things in mind during your search.
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The name "Fallon" is conferred upon a girl. The name has its roots in early Gaelic (follamhnus) and Irish origin. The meaning of the name is "superiority or power descended from a ruler." The name is pronounced as "FAL-en."

It is believed that "Fallon" is an alteration of the popular English surname "Fuller," a vocational surname given to a textile worker. Fallon has variants like Faline, Fallyn, Fallan and Fallen.

Fallon is also the name of an Irish family hailing from Connacht, a historically strategic region of West-central Ireland. Fallon is also famous as a surname. Jimmy Fallon is one of the bearers of the name "Fallon," as a surname. He is a renowned stand-up comedian who was also nominated for a Grammy award for his début album The Bathroom Wall.
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In the baby book it says, the name Fallon means, Great Daughter Of The Great One"
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It means superiority or from a ruling family. BTW my name  is FALLON!!! LOL

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