Where Does The Name Gordon Come From?


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This name is usually associated with Scotland, and in fact it is probably of Scottish origin. Like many given names it began as a placename and then became a surname. As a placename it is usually thought to come from Berwickshire in Scotland, although there is a possibility that the name was originally French, as there is another Gordon in Normandy. However, the Scottish explanation is more likely. The name itself probably comes from old Celtic words meaning "hill fort."

Gordon was the surname of Lord Byron, and the Gordon clan was and is a well-known one in northern Scotland. As a given name, it seems to have started in Victorian times, probably in honour of the famous General Gordon of Khartoum.. Famous Gordons include the actor Gordon Jackson, and UK Chancellor (and possible future Prime Minister) Gordon Brown. Both men are Scottish, though in fact the name is also fairly widespread outside Scotland. Currently it is less popular than it was in the 20th century.
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My last name also I'm black and italian so I'm not sure what my last name means
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Cheak out clan gordon in wikipedia, if you have trouble just type Gordon/surnames on google.
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The name Gordon, is an Old English name meaning "Fertilized pasture". There is a whole list of origins that modified words in order to originate the name Gordon. To view all the information on this name visit the following link.
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I'm Not sure what it means but from searching out the name Gordon as it is also my last name as well I have found that we are from scotland.

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