What Does The Name Gracie Mean?


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The name Gracie means smart sweet and cute if someone has that name they are in luck!
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Protected by god and it also means beauty in the english word but in latin it means blessing and mercy
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Gracie is a beautiful name conferred upon a girl. The name is pronounced as Gray-see. It is a variant of the name Grace. It goes without saying that the name is an extremely popular first name for females and also an equally famous surname.

Gracie Fields (1898-1979) was a charming woman who rose to fame as a comedienne and singer in the early 30s. During that decade, she was the highest paid actress in Britain and was a name synonymous with entertainment. Her high spirited punch-lines were a relief during the times of Depression. The high points inn her career are "Wisecracks", "College Swing", "Stage Door Canteen" and "Sally in our fields". Gracie Allen was another actress who also made a name for herself in the 30's. An ace comedienne, her career highlights included The Gracie Allen Murder Case, Here comes Cookie and Lambchops. Born in San Francisco, the actress lived for 69 years. She is famous for her quote: "When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half."
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The name gracie is originated from herbew meaning full of grace and happiness. It is a female name that often christian babies have.
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I have always wondered what that name means .....that is my name and I love it is a very popular name now days.

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