What Does The Name Gilbert Mean?


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In Welsh it means legendary son of Cadgyffro.
In German it means Bright Pledge.
In French it means Bright Lad.
In England it means Trusted.
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Gilbert is a name given to a boy. The name is mostly used for the English, the French and the Dutch. The name is pronounced as GIL-bert. Gilbert has an Old French origin, which implies "bright promise." The Spanish variant of the name Gilbert is Gilberto. The famous variants of the name Gilbert is Bert, Burt, Gibb, Gill and Guilbert. Gilbert is quite a popular first name for males. It ranks fairly well as a surname too.

History shows that the name was introduced for the first time in Great Britain by the Normans. Gilbert was the name of a 12th century British saint. Some of the famous personalities with Gilbert as their names are the author Gilbert Chesterton, Melissa Gilbert (actor, director), rock artist Bruce Gilbert and Humphrey Gilbert, the renowned English navigator and explorer.
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I don't know but I am related to Sir Humphrey Gilbert!!!!!

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