What Does Teel Mean?


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T.E.E.L also is a process for writing essays.Topic sentence (What is your main point?)Evidence (What is your evidence? It reinforces your idea)Explination (Why is your point important?)Link (How does it relate to your actual topic.)
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Teel basically is the noun form of Til. Til basically is an Ocotea foetens plant. Til also is the name of a well known novel written by Jose de Alencar. Jose de Alencar was a popular Brazilian novelist.

He was born in Mecejana, which is a small town close to Fartaleza-Ceara, in northeast of Brazil. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Law he mover to Rio de Janeiro, and started to work for a local newspaper Correio Mercantil. After attaining partial success for his initial work, Alencar released O Guarany in the year 1857, attaining countrywide fame.

O Guarani was the first edition of a trilogy based on Brazilian natives, the other two being Iracema released in the year 1865 and Ubirajara released in the year 1874.

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