What Does Tempering Mean?


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Tempering basically is a heat treatment method for metals and alloys. Usually in steels, tempering is carried to toughen the metal by converting fragile martensite into bainite or ferrite.

Precipitation hardened alloys, like numerous ranking of aluminium and super alloys, are tempered to precipitate inter-metallic elements which toughen the metal. In metallurgy, there is usually an exchange amid ductility and daintiness. This weak balance highlights a number of the subtleties inherent to the tempering procedure. Exact control of time and temperature throughout the tempering process are decisive to achieve a metal with sound balanced motorized properties.

Classically steel is heat treated via process which has many steps. Prior to precipitation toughened alloy can be tempered. Tempering is a common process and is carried out on a large scale in the industrial field.

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