What Does Galvanized Mean?


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Galvanized is a generic term for zinc coated steel. It saves and protects steel from corrosion. It is done through an electro galvanizing or dipping process. It is not permanent in nature and wears of with abrasion. Galvanized steel gets a spangled and sparkling finish while it lasts. Galvanized steel is a term closely related and it refers to a chemical process that keeps steel intact from corroding. This type of steel is used in numerous marine and industrial applications as it is an essential fabrication component.

Galvanized is "to affect with galvanism" or 'to restore consciousness with the help of galvanized action". It is the state of stimulated or excited animation or activity. It is the verb form of galvanism.
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Galvanized is a way to protect steel from being rusted by coating it with zinc. Here is a Blog post that may help you know better about difference between Galvanized Steel and Galvalume Steel.

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Galvanized Angle Iron

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Galvanization is the method of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent it from rusting. One of the better way of protecting steel materials against corrosion is through hot dip galvanization. Zinc coating weathers at a very slow rate that’s why zinc coating has a long life. Scientific study has shown that Zinc has a greater electro-negativity than iron and hence provides cathodic protection to the steel. This results in the zinc corroding inclination to the steel if the coating is chipped.

The important benefits for using Galvanized are:

It is cheaper than stainless.

It has Less maintenance cost.

It provides long life expectancy.

Coating life and performance are reliable.

It provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

It provides protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage.

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