What Does Forging Mean?


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The word forging is usually used in metallurgy. It means giving shape to a metal by heating it or hammering. Power driver hammers or dies are used in the modern method of forging. In the process of forging, the upper die is joined to the underside of a hammer while the lower die is kept stationary. A piece of metal is then forged or hammered till it takes the shape of the die The machines used in industries for forging include the steam hammer, the hydraulic press and the drop hammer. The place where pig iron is converted to wrought iron is also called as forging.

Forging, popularly means to make a counterfeit or a duplicate with a motive to deceive or dupe somebody. Conmen and people who want to do not go through a certain protocol engage in forging. For example, a student producing a fake certificate in order to bag a good job is an example of forging. The verbs "forge" can also mean "to give shape or mold," for example, forging a friendship. The process of surging ahead or spurting is also known as forging.

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