What Does Geosynchronous Mean?


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The term geosynchronous has been used to mean of, being or pertaining to an orbit which has a period of just one sidereal day. It is also used to mean geostationary.

The term means having an orbit which has a fixed phase of twenty four hours. In this case it is important to note that the place in the orbit may or may not be fixed a propos the earth.

The term geosynchronous orbit is given to a geocentric orbit which possesses an orbital period which is the same as the Earth's sidereal rotation period. It will have a semi-major axis of 26,200 miles or 42,164 km. The unique characteristic of a geostationary orbit is that an observer positioned on the ground would be unable to identify the satellite as moving. Instead he would perceive it as a fixed spot in the sky.

The adverb form of the word geosynchronous is the term geosynchronously.

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