What Is A Good Girls Name?


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tinga nih answered
Daniel, alex, quincy, jade...
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Amy, Abby, Hailey, Holly, Casey, Paige, Rachel, Rebecca, Allissa, Jennifer, Amanda, Kelsey, Jenna, Mackenzie, Sarah, Lauren, Bailey, Brittney, Perry, Stefanie, Stacy, Emily, and if you need more, then just ask. I write baby names books, so i know plenty of names. Good Luck.
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Some good names are Anglia , crystal, Chatel
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veronica newmen answered
Victoria, alison, and alysessia.
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Karen Duncan answered
Karen , Trish , Kate , Emily , Sonia , Michelle , Melina , Kathryn , Brie , and Kira. I think those are the best ones i could think of.
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Vivian Johnson answered
Well these are the names I could come up with that are pretty. Jessica, Elizabeth, Rachel, Madeline, Aubrey, Alexandra, Sabrina, Kaitlyn, Alexis, Zoey, Madison, Erica, Christine, Christina, Kristina, Ellie, Hillary, Noel, Or maybe even my name Vivian, hope the birth goes well.
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I have a granddaughter named Faith, and a niece named Hope, i just love those names and a nephew Hunter, he is so handsome:)
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Well   have you  tried    Isabella,Kristin , Rebecca ,Demi , Amanda  , Abbey,   Alexia , Ella ?   or go on some baby name websites x  

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