What Does "Make Hay While The Sun Shines" Mean?


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It means get things done and don't waste time.
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Use your time wisely
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Aishah Adiamoh answered

it means to do things in the right time

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Will Martin answered
This is an old proverb, dating back to the days when agriculture was central to the economy and people's lives were more regulated by the seasons than they are now. The hay making season in summer is short, and the hay has to be cut, dried and baled very quickly before it can spoil. So traditionally, everybody in a farming community helps with hay making, and everybody dreads rain which can spoil the harvest.

The proverb is used as a metaphor to say that, when you have a good opportunity and good conditions to do something, you should hurry to do it quickly while the conditions last. For instance, if you have a seasonal business, you need to take full advantage of the peak season, probably working exceptionally hard, because the chance to make money won't last for long.

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