What Is The Meaning Of The Word "Discreet"?


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Hi, if people who are serious and careful to do something,and being considered to judge something then it's " discreet " as we do it with our attention in order to avoid having problems. So discreetness is useful for doing something important.
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You shouldn't tell anybody about it, except the person involved in the process. So if you see someone doing something which they shouldn't do and you don't tell anyone about it, then it could be said that you were being discreet.
Being discreet is usually regarded as being a good thing, because you wish to spare someone from feeling embarrassed or ashamed.
It does not mean that you saw someone doing something terrible and kept quiet about it, in these circumstances people are usually expected to speak out.
I don't know if it helped.
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Doing great things and not shouting about it
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DIscreet means to act or speak in a way that is carefully considered and does not draw attention.

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