What Is The Meaning Of Word 'Amit'?


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Amit means someone who is plenty in number but still doesn't exist, someone in the crowd but still distinct, someone who's a fraud but people still love him, the one who is praised for the deeds he has not even thought about, and is loathed for the deeds he has not committed, amit is an endless tale, a river that flows on and on, a story without a full stop!
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Amit means- A + MIT = jo  kabhi  mit nhi  sakta ,infinite ,no boundry, silalekh , pathhar par likha hua ,

thakur harish gaur (philosopher)
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Amit is a common male name. It is common in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Asia, Middle-East, and Israel.

In Hindi, Amit (Hindi: अमित) means infinite or immeasurable or boundless. It is one of the 108 names of Hindu God Ganesha. It also means a friend of everyone in Hindi and Sanskrit

In Hebrew, Amit (Hebrew: עמית‎) means friend.

In Arabic, Amit (Arabic: اميت‎) means being highly praised, beloved and victorious. In Islam Amit refers to the traditional Arabian gesture during battles the Muslim army yelled "Yā manṣūr Amit!" and attacked.

Amit, in Buddhism is one celestial of Buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahāyāna school of Buddhism.
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If it is Hindi's language "amit" then it means the someone who is very adorable, in Hindi mit or mitwa means love or someone whom you love most so amit would be the person whom you love most and you can not forget at all.
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Amit is a boy's name in both Hebrew and Sanskrit. The names may have a common origin or it may just be a coincidence that you have the same name in both languages. In Hebrew the name means friend, or upright person. In Sanskrit the meaning is 'infinite' and it has religious associations too.
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It means " Friend; upright" in Hebrew, and "infinite" in  Sanskrit.
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Amit means compleat .full  with every type of qalities .you can find this name in hanuman chalisha
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Actually,Amit in Hebrew means friend,
              Amitham in Hindi means infinite,
            Amity in English means friendly....
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Actually think about it and you will find all the claimed Hindi definitions wrong: The prefix 'A' means that is not and 'meet' means friend. So Ameet actually it means an individual who is 'Not a friend'

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