What Does Gaston Mean In English?


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The word "gaston" can refer to a mountain climbing technique as well as to name of a person. "To gaston" implies climbing the mountains or scaling the peaks with the help of specific techniques and special equipments. The climbing technique includes hauling to the side with the elbow drawn on the outside. The term was coined after the legendary French alpinist or mountain climber Gaston Rébuffat

Gaston is also a name of a male, signifying "man from Gascony." Gascony is a region in the south western part of France. It is a region which is apparently known for its natives who are fiery and hot-tempered. The very first time, the word entered English literature was in the form of the name in the beginning of the 17th century. Gaston is a relatively rare first name, but it is a vastly famous surname, notching 1323rd rank in the 88,799 pooled as data for the US census in the year 1990. Incidentally, Gaston was the villain in the famous fictional story "Beauty and the Beast," by Disney.

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